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CULTUREINSIDE ROOTED Art Exhibition and Competition

ROOTED - The Première in Europe
Artist: Collectif
Location: Galerie Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
When: June 25th - July 25th 2009

Useful Link - The Première in New York


On June 25th 2009, CULTUREINSIDE.COM and GALERIE CLAIREFONTAINE will inaugurate an art exhibition entitled "ROOTED". The show will consist of works by artists chosen competitively by a curatorial committee. The theme of the exhibition is an investigation, a visualization, a materialization or conceptualization of the term "Rooted". What is formative, grounding, or sustaining, for us as women, men, artists or citizens? What are, Where are, How are we rooted in the world? Philosophically, phenomenologically, psychologically or spiritually, it is a thorny and complex issue. We are sure these questions can be addressed by artists in novel and interesting ways. The curators do not want to particularize the theme or parse it beyond a basic statement. We believe that the less said on the topic the better. Artists can identify or define it as they see fit. The organizers ask that works or proposals relating to the theme be submitted in a CULTUREINSIDE online gallery for competition (see how to apply). Artists using any visual media are welcome to participate. Winners of the competition will be honored and can win various prizes. Winning entries of several artists will be selected for physical exhibition in the gallery, other finalists' work will be selected for the online show and catalog. by Frank Shifreen, New York.