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CULTUREINSIDE Video Tutorials - Managing my Account

This tutorial describes an efficient way to manage its account inside the CULTUREINSIDE community. The audience if for both artists and regular users of the community.




Published Sunday, December 07, 2008 by CI. Team - Category tutorials -

CULTUREINSIDE Video Tutorials - Managing my Galleries

This video describes the procedure to manage an image gallery, upload photos and apply tagging. This video is for the artists of the CULTUREINSIDE community.




Published Sunday, December 07, 2008 by CI. Team - Category tutorials -

Frequently asked Questions

How can I create my first Gallery and other questions?

Simply click the Gallery icon. A blank form will appear. Just enter a title for your gallery and a brief description (optional) and finally hit the save button. You're done! You will see that a new link "my photos" will become active. Simply click the link and you start uploading your image.

Online help for Artists

How can I improve my visibility on the Web as an artist?

CultureInside is working closely with Search Engines to give you a maximum of visibility. Follow the three simple rules: 

  1. Always enter your statement and/or  biography in at least one language.
  2. When creating a new gallery, always add a brief description!
  3. Post at least one blog describing your latest activities, exhibitions or anything you enjoy.

Search Engines understand only text. By following the previous rules, you are increasing your visibility dramatically. All elements in your texts will become keywords for Internet users when searching artists.

Lightbox: What is a Lightbox and why use them?

Lightboxes serve as personalized online collection of your favorite images allowing you to share sets of images obtained from the Cultureinside site. You can share your lightbox with your friend with personalized emails. Note: To use Lightboxes you must register first.
Use your Lightbox to stay tuned with your favorite artists!
A lightbox is also useful to track an artist. Our weekly reporting system check your lightbox and send you an alert when an artist add new galleries and images.
Use your Lightbox to promote yourself!
As an artist: you can use your lightbox to promote artwork of other artists that you like. In turns those artists will place one of your images in their own lightbox. So, you become visible inside other artist e-space.
Use your lightbox to find other members sharing the same image than yours
Lightbox is an easy way to find peoples having similar artistic taste. From your friend button, discover peoples. It's a great opportunity to create new contact!

Message Board: What is the Message Board?

A registered user can send messages to a community member and receive messages of other community members. He can accept members in his friends list. Top of the page you see the button Messages. Click on it to access the feature.

How can I add friends in my friend list?

When you are looking an artist e-space, you will see that you can send a message and ask the artist to become "your friend" by checking the checkbox. The same feature is accessible when you are looking to the public profile of any registered member. You can also invite your friend with our In Mail system (see Invite my friends). From the Friend icon, just enter or import the email address of your friends. We will generate a specific email. If your friend follow the link and register, you will be automatically linked!

How can I invite my friends?

From the Friend icon, just enter or import the email address of your friends. We will generate a specific email. If your friend follows the link and register, you will be automatically linked!

Blog: What is a Blog?

What is a blog? The term comes from WeB log. Everybody is speaking about...everybody tells you, you need to have a blog, you have to blog it! But who knows what it is really?
Let's say it in a simply way: A blog can serve our artists as a kind of journal. You want to underline dates of the next exhibitions, you want to publish an article about your art, you want to express something else...., you want to tell something, so write it down here, so "blog it".
You can select in our Blog system that readers can comment in an interactive format. Do it, exchange and discussions will be created. The entries are displayed in a reverse chronological order; this means the newest published entry always appears on top of the entries' list.
Where can you access the Blog?
Top of the page you see the Blog Button click on it and blog it! Note: To use the Blog you must be a registered member. To comment a posted blog you must be a registered member.

How can I insert a picture in my blog?

This is a common question. We are using a Rich Text Editor that enables you to create a well presented and formatted text. In the toolbar of the text editor, you will se the "image" icon, when you click the icon, a pop-up window will appears. At this stage, you can directly enter the url of your image.
But there is another way, just click the "Browse server" button, and you will be able to pick an image from your galleries and your lightboxes.

How can I insert a video in my blog?

Let's say that you want to place a YouTube video. In YouTube, you can get what they are calling "embed code". Simply copy this code. When you are in your editor, you will see on the top left a "source" button.
Click and you will see the HTML code of your post.
At This stage, just paste the "embed code" and click on the source button again. Here we are: you have now a video in your blog post!

Is there any constraint to upload my images?

Yes. Your photo MUST in JPEG format. You can upload image from any size, but remember that we will resize the image to 600 pixels, so our site stay homogenous.
We recommend to set the dpi (Dots per inch) of your image to either 120dpi or 300dpi. Lower resolution will create a bigger trademark size.

Why my images are smaller than my original?

To maintain consistency in the site, we automatically resize your image to 500 pixel. But no worries, we still have your original, so if one day we decide to provide larer size, we can do it.

Why the watermark font on my images seems so big?

The copyrighting (watermark) is done automatically. We insert a text with a specific font-size matching 120 dpi (dots per inch). !20 dpi and 300 dpi are the most common image format. But if you upload an image with lower dpi (72 dpi or 90 dpi), the resulting effect is that the text will be wider then expected.

How are you computing the TOP rated images?

When viewing a specific image every visitor can rate it, a simple 5 starts system. We are computing the TOP rated images on the basis of this rating, but we take also into account the number of views. This gives a quite clear indication of the most attractive images.

I face several errors when I use CultureInside. What can I do?

CULTUREINSIDE is still in what we call BETA version. So, you can face some bugs. Send an email to support@cultureinside.com and give a precise description of the error message, but most importantly, describes what actions with the system cause the error.