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Sergey Brushko
( Belarus )


Sergei Brushko Belarusian photographer (1958-2000). Known particularly for his documentary photography work in the 1990s, utilizing the Cartier-Bressonian style of street photography. Worked as a reporter for "Chyrvonaya Zmiena" and... Read more

Reviews & Comments

  • so much emotions in your pictures! very nice work thank you and congratulations

    By soazann - 7/2/2010 6:35:36 PM
  • It is hard to say anything about this gallery. The photos tell it all and speak right to the heart.

    By artemis - 5/26/2010 11:30:41 PM
  • Très touchant reportage sur votre environnement. J'apprécie tout particulièrement les différents portraits. Beau travail !

    By jelojams - 5/26/2010 6:55:28 PM
  • Your photographies are very interesting and successfull about difficult subjects. Congratulations !

    By GChris - 5/24/2010 11:38:32 AM
  • Hi, Sergey! Excellent work. Excellent expression. Gila Paris

    By gila - 12/28/2009 7:50:36 AM
  • fantastic work !

    By Sannisokonela - 12/15/2009 6:09:14 PM
  • The picture in the orthodox church is very interesting, and i love the way you caught the light coming from the door way. Congratulations!

    By Soulclick - 12/14/2009 9:51:44 PM
  • hand of boy is very plastic
    like all works
    id' offer to name photos then we can ssay which works we like more and why

    By rusrainbow - 12/11/2009 5:43:27 PM
  • Scenes of life full of strong emotions ! Congratulations for your great artwork!

    By katrina - 12/11/2009 7:42:39 AM
  • Je retrouve chez vous le beau sens de la composition et l'humanité d'un Tarkovski. Curieusement, des souvenirs de son merveilleux "Andreï Roublev" surgissent en regardant vos images. Merci de votre grande générosité.

    By umhauer - 12/10/2009 11:29:40 PM
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Sergey Brushko - documentary photography from Belarus
documentary photography...
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