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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print



Title   Monuments for police brutality
Artist   barbara greene, mann, greene mann
Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
Cityscape, Conceptual, Expressionism, Mixed Media, Surrealist, Symbolist, Urban Art
Serie  Monuments
Original size  18 x 24"

Original / Limited Edition

Price starting:   940 EUR / 1163 USD

750 for original
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Artist designed Momument to those who suffered by the brutality of the police. The police are seen hitting themselves with batons. tasher guns, sonic ear kill and then they must go to Bully School as they are duences and need to be recogconized by orange dunce caps. In addition to this punishment the world has agreed to ban abd stop the production of doughnuts. Any other suggestions are welcome because this practice is alarming and must be stopped.



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