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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print



Title   Internal Beauty
Artist   barbara greene, mann, greene mann
Drawing, Painting
Conceptual, Expressionism, Surrealist, Urban Art
Serie  A New World
Original size  18" X 24"

Original / Limited Edition

Price starting:   1250 EUR / 1546 USD

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watercolor on archival paper 2011

Sometimes changes are needed on a personal basis. As I get older, in my late sixties, I realize that some things do not change; they only get harder. I realize I'm not going to fall in love, or have someone to share with, and new friends aren't going to pound on my door. Sad but true, I will have to tackle this job on my own. The dog won't even be around. For no one even comes by and asks can they take your dog for a walk, or is anything needed from the store? Remember the child who never called or came by, who isn’t going to and might as well add the brother who just doesn’t care. Hard to bear and that’s when a whooping spoonful of Internal Beauty saves the day. No way out but to find the courage to muster it up, laugh and realize it's all come what may. It works. So the totems, voo-doo interaction and whatever is conjured up to meet the day will likely do very well , and just to ensure success, add twenty minutes of Silva meditation. Or was it mentioned just put on a happy face.



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