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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Multimedia; Painting; Photography; Print

barbara greene, mann, greene mann - Hey John, A New World  Painting

Numerous consultations, discussions and blueprints, a combination of the best, the most learned planetary experts has led to the ultimate plan for a new world. Inventions to create, and maintain the quality and equality of new and old nations, establishing new democratic political systems for world communities has been created and accepted by a panel of geniuses.
Stress and strain takes its toll and indeed a new plan enters to care for the personal self. This gallery holds the complete documentation. Images may seem crowded or abstract but there is so much to tell, intricate details are always presented. Don’t procrastinate. No need to be over-whelmed just take my hand, let’s go.

Hey John we finally did it, a new world of peace. As our cruise ship sails into the harbour, synchronized swimmers spell out this tribute to John Lennon, IMAGINE. Other water ballet swimmers spell out Peace and the strongest swimmer pulls the ship in to dock. The Statue of Liberty always present welcomes newcomers. We decided she had been standing long enough and it was time to have a seat. She graciously obliged. The orangutans are on board preparing for their new role as caretakers. Instead of extinction, they are now nannies with distinction. On the wharf Fiona welcomes us to a banquet, a new tradition which is happening all over the world so people can eat and socialize. Notice our new Sandwich Tree, where it's eat one and two grow back. Thrilling news as we have overcome world hunger. Then there's the hemp gas station, where rates are so low, just a dab will do ya. And the world's first bed bug zoo with high rises.
There is the rebuilt Triangle Factory, a memorial to the brave women who were forced to jump to their deaths when the textile factory caught on fire. Then they had to fight to have it built with critical safety features. Never Again. People on the street are respected as each does his job. As one lady says, I like to clean so I'll clean, and you paint. Well it’s time to clean up from dinner. Tidy, tidy as we love to see and keep our city clean.

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