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nissim ben aderet
( Israel )


nissim ben aderet - BORDERLINE  Painting

Nissim Ben-Aderet/Borderline

The black and white sketch artist, one line, one breath

Nissim is an expressive artist, who uses the technique of action painting: a painting created when rationality cannot contain emotion. According to this technique, the purpose is to attempt and create an image that is free from the constraints of logic.

The "Borderline" series, displayed in the Gallery, depicts the borderline of human texture, with a motion moving towards the edge, nearing the border, within an uncertain existence.

Through his work, Nissim offers a new model for examining the relationships between artist and human nature. His works become a sort of choreographed battlefield, with human images moving in empty space and creating an infinite motion of relationships and hierarchies amongst themselves. Looking at his work invites viewers to delve into the obscurities of the one-dimensional human spirit created by the images. Sketching in black and white allows parallelism between the movement of the object in space and the viewer's manner of observation and simultaneous contemplation.

Looking at his work reveals a process of studying the line, story, image and personal expression in empty space. If fact, through his paintings, Nissim documents his own actions. One might say that this type of creation is a natural development of the formal study that creates modern art.

Nissim’s modus operandi is a work of art in itself, because no work is identical to another and each work is made by drawing a single line that creates the world to which Nissim is drawn


borderline 03

borderline 04

borderline 02



underline 01




small place



self portrait





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