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monika grygier
( Spain )

Mixed Media; Painting; Print



Title   5:45 H.
Artist   monika grygier
Serie  HORAS
Original size  35x27 cm

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Inspired Collision of Right Angles by art magazine ArtisSpectrum. New York.
Monika Grygier's works reveal a dual commitment to capturing the vigor of the modern urban cityscape as well as the human soul transfixed within that phantasmagoric moment. Like a jazz composition, her arrangements work through the inspired disarray of the individual components. These pieces all fit together and express a unified view due to their disjointed energy. Her works tumble and spill about on the canvas, where a vortex summons our focus.
Her work often echoes the straight lines and right angles of the canvas itself, but in her visual reverberation she is summoning the power that is within those restrictions, as straight lines and corners infringe on and are infringed upon by blank space. The weight of the space between her floating, colliding objects gives her work a dynamic force.
Monika has said that in her work she is answering the artist's highest challenge of capturing the soul on canvas. In making the leap of faith and finding the universal in our chaotic urban arrangements, Monika has been able to convey the order not only of our world, but of the human spirit as it perceives the universe. If art is a mirror, Monika Grygier has taken the risk and created a divine reflection to reveal the human heart within the world.



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