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Zygmunt Kubasiak
( Poland )

Drawing; Painting


Zygmunt Kubasiak

Art is one of the aspects of my life. In the past I did many jobs and tried to express myself in writing as well. I wrote short stories, poetry and philosophical essays, unfinished novels, plays and a history book about the projects of eternal peace. Now I earn my daily bread by teaching English. Art is my special free time occupation. I have dreams of monumental sculptures, thousands of transfigured humans standing on a hill or a mountainside, but my itinerant life and many other interests hindered me from having a proper studio. Therefore my major medium is a piece of paper and watercolour paints, ink or markers. Many of my small size works are however only the projects of large scale murals. Despite some training in academic art given me by Norbert Hans, my older artist friend, I've always had inclination for the primitive and naive as having more magic and power than any realistic reflection of reality. Therefore simplification and disfiguration of reality is the main theme of my art. I'm looking for different ways of twisting what we see everyday, to see it afresh and in new light.


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