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Nikzad Arabshahi
( Iran )

Drawing; Painting; Photography


Nikzad Arabshahi

Nikzad Arabshahi is a self-educated in the fields of painting and photography. He started his professional career in 2000 with painting and drawing and so far he has had several exhibitions of his works.

Nikzad started his professional and focused career with authoring a collection called “Corpses” which was a visual translation of the effects of organic shapes on his imagination. In this collection of painting his focus has been on motivating the inner feelings of the audience and to reach this end he has made good use of his pencil-on-paper technique and visual language. On his path, Nikzad was attracted to the limitless world of mind and imagination and its use in creating images. He realized that the closest subject to his mind are psychology and quantum physics. He attempted to have a deeper understanding of fluidity of human mind through study of theories of psychology. All works presented in this website are results of his findings through this process and representation of these findings in picture.
A short explanation about the collections in this profile:

Synchronicity Collection
This collection is the result of studying synchronicity of (inner and outer) events and inner desires of Nikzad during a period of 1 year and was named so because of the connection to concepts of synchronicity theory proposed by C. G. Jung.
This collection was exhibited in Laleh Gallery in Tehran, Iran in 2008. This collection contains works by Nikzad Arabshahi and Parichehr Tayebi with the subject of synchronicity and worked as complementing parts.

Collection 2008
This collection is the attempts of Nikzad in creating a mental world and each work presented here is selected from this world.
Nikzad believes that his mental world is the product of research and study of human mind, individual subconscious, collective subconscious and his own desires. This product is translated through the language of image.
The technique used in creating this collection is pencil-on-paper and the process of making each piece has taken about several weeks. Nikzad believes that this method and duration of creating his works are means for inner observation and better understanding of the complicated workings of human mind.

Photo Drawing Collection
In this collection, photography with camera has been an instrument to create a mental-design piece in the same manner as using hand for drawing. In this collection, Nikzad has attempted to translate his mental images into an objective language and through distorting the inner world he has toned down the differences between inner (mental) and outer (material) spaces in human life.
Some works in this collection are untitled and discovering the title and subject for such works are left to audience.


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