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Nelson Madero
( Cuba )



Nelson Madero

Painter and Cartoonist. Graduated from the Academia de Artes Plásticas "San Alejandro" (Plastic Arts Academy) Havana, Cuba, 1991. Scenographic Painting Specialist, ICRT, Cuba, 1993. Artist showing a picturesque exhibition as a result to the fusion of several materials and techniques, creating a very particular projection basically on canvas and oil, where tactile and visual textures establish an immediate conceptual perception of the work. His paintings can be appreciated on different atmosphere projects as banks, hospitals and hotels; they are also exhibit on hotels' galleries located at the northern keys of Ciego de Avila, and in his studio. Private collections in countries like: Cuba, Spain (Canary Islands), USA, Holland, Canada, Czechoslovakia, France, Mexico, Argentina, Italy (Pavía, Milan), among others treasure his work as well.


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