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Antoine Xuereb
( Malta )



Antoine Xuereb

Antoine Xuereb is an artist from Malta and he had an early interest in art from a very young age. He began to explore and love drawing from his primary school days. In secondary school he had the opportunity to be taught art by the late artist Anton Agius. Later he proceeded to take his studies further and start attending at the Salvatore Dimech School of Arts and Crafts, Mosta (now known as the MCAST School of Art & Design) where after a three year course he obtained the certificate in graphic design. He was taught by local artists such as Luciano Micallef, Twanny Darmanin and Anton Calleja. He also attended for some time at the School of Art & Design in Valletta. He also took classes in painting and drawing with the artist Carmel Bonnello. He is now studying art at the Malta School of Arts in Valletta and he is now in his third year where after the first year under the artist Alfred Caruana Ruggier, he is now being taught by the artist Tony Sciberras in drawing and painting. Antoine Xuereb love to experiment with different media he could find. He has painted still-life’s, portraits and figurative drawings but his love and style being more in the abstract painting. He had participated in many collective exhibitions with the first one being in 1997 with the Malta Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce and he had been a member with the same society since then. In November 2010 he had participated in a local art competition & exhibition with his painting named ‘Directions’ which has won him a special distinction award. Antoine is continuously looking to be of more success in art and considers that art is part of his life. Some of his works could be found in Malta, Italy and Scotland.


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