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angela simione
( United States )

Drawing; Mixed Media; Painting; Print


angela simione

Growing up in the small town of Redlands, California, Angela Simione spent the majority of her upbringing reading, writing, and occasionally drawing in secret. Intending to become a writer, she studied creative writing at Cal Arts during the summer of 1997. It was there that she was first impressed and inspired by the visual arts. After double-majoring in English and Fine Art for three years, Angela focused her study solely on painting.

In 2005, she relocated to the Bay Area to finish her BFA at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The aspects of writing that she most loved (allusion, symbolism, and fragmentation) are still dominant in her painting process. Building images through layers of stains, Angela chooses subject matter based on their ability to act as metaphors. She is interested in exploring issues of identity; in particular, notions of the self, the other, loss, and gender. Her realism is tempered with prose and provides a window into her memories, childhood fears, and adult politics.


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