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( Lithuania )

Mixed Media; Painting



Alex Solodov


The artist lives and works in Moscow, Russia. At the age of thirteen his interest in drawing made him take art classes in design and painting. Later on he studied chinese, japanese and indian art for several years and from this he experimented and started to develop his own method painting on fabric (silk, cotton, synthetics).

Alex main focus in his art is to work with acrylic paintings, photography and digital animation, he has successfully been able to join his interest of art with his working life. He works as an creative designer and a graphic artist for the advertising industry in Moscow.

''I love black & white photographs, it reminds me about silent films and I try to make every picture in my photographic art like a strong, sensual movie.''
Alex Solodov's artistic work has been featured in private collections and galleries around the world including United Kingdom, Germany, Lithuania, USA, Austria, and his native country Russia.


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