The Inlet

Ready to Launch

Patriotic Gathering

Bucolic Interlude

Out of Touch

Which Doctor?

The Tempest

A Window of Opportunity

Oriental Emergence

Juliet's Tomb

Study 002

A Sign of the Times

Tangled up in Blue

No Place to Hide

Just Drifting

Flying High

Un lointain souvenir

Obscured by Clouds

Trois œufs et un manche de cuillère

Rassemblement céleste

A Stretch of the Imagination

Open to Interpretation (Ouvert à l'interprétation)

The Restoration

A Solitary Observation

Accroupi pâtes, oeufs debout

An Unusual Condition

Passing Strangers

Salvador estime un nouveau travail



The Tower

Another Time Another Place

Perdu dans ses pensées (Lost in Thought)

Terra dei Morti

La Muse de Jardin

The Garden of Borrowed Scenery

Electric Earth

Gathering at Sunrise


Paper Chase

Sinking Dessert

Sur le vent

Day Breaks

Man with his Head in the Clouds

A Bend in the River

Making Waves


High Kick on a New Morning

Départir Agitation Intérieure

L'intérieur d'un rêve

Evening Contemplation

Nocturnal Landscape

Shadows of the Wind

The Well

Green Hill

A Matter of Balance


Minor Cataclysm

Reflected Future

Misplaced Components

Undersea Arrangement


Breaking Free

Unwanted Mirror



In the Mist

Close to the Wind

Dorian Disseminates

Forest Symphony

Transition to Morning


Indifferent Horizon

Close Encounter

Dr Who?

No Direction Home

Seaside Arrangement

The Wanderers

The Man from Mars

Early Morning

Floral Arrangement

And then there were none

Religious Meltdown

The Last Picture Show

Rectangular Arrangement

Hemp Carrier

A Racing Sea

A Touch of Blue

The Ice Man


Stormy Waters


In the Forest