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Bert Menco
( United States )

Dessin; Gravure; Peinture; Impression
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Bert Menco made his living as a scientist (Northwestern University's Department of Neurobiology and Physiology where he was employed as a Research Associate Professor). However, he has been making art all his life. In addition to drawing and painting,... Plus

Revues & Commentaires

  • Interesting picture!

    par IgorMarinovsky - 23/07/2012 12:29:45
  • very nice !!

    par michael_johna - 22/05/2010 07:21:32
  • Hello again, I meant to say that we are such rare creatures of printmaking.
    Caroline Oakley

    par cyphon - 24/07/2009 16:52:47
  • wow, what can i say...........Nice to see other printmakers out there. We are such creatures.
    Just love your work
    Caroline Oakley. Australia

    par cyphon - 24/07/2009 16:50:30
  • Fantastic mysterie in your dreamworks,,I love it

    par MarianneMTM - 11/07/2009 13:26:03
  • I like your work and his mysterie

    Thanks Rini

    par rini - 03/05/2009 15:28:31


Bert Menco - Bert Menco, Intaglios, Drawings, Paintings
Bert Menco, Intaglios,...
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Bert Menco
Bert Menco
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