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Art Digital; Technique Mixte; Peinture

Revues & Commentaires

  • bravo a tous les participants vos oeuvres sont fantastiques et explosent d'energie...merci

    par DEVINE - 29/11/2011 20:29:50
  • It was a wonderful evening in a very elegant location. Gila and her team made an extraordinary work to organize this event with so much "high class".
    It was a funny and good experience to know all the other artists afterwards in the Bistrot.
    Thank you Gila and Co. for this experience.

    Paolo Mara

    par paolomara - 12/11/2011 18:56:31
  • It all looks great! Sorry to have missed it. Congratulations once more to everyone and also to you Gila and the rest of the team for the obviously hard but wonderful work.
    Best Wishes

    par artemis - 04/11/2011 19:29:02
  • thank you Cultureinside !!! thanks to the jury members !!! thanks to the Public !!! :-)
    I am very honored to have been awarded.
    Congrats to Myriam and Congrats to all the ARTISTS !!!
    hugs, Beatrix

    par beatrixjourdan - 02/11/2011 16:23:01
  • Bonjour Gila, je suis très content de découvrir ce lieu qui me plait pour l'ambiance qui en découle, j'ai hâte de voir +

    par AlanB - 02/11/2011 15:45:24
  • We had a thrilling opening and week-end here in Luxembourg. Thanks to the artists who came to our opening and the “opening-week-end”. It was so great to have you here in Luxembourg and making a trip from Japan – the USA – Italy – Germany – France – Belgium to meet here. WE got connected online… had until now a virtual relationship … and it was wonderful to meet you in real life – an overwhelming experience!We are still waiting for the opening photos by our photographers, it was week-end and moreover Tuesday is a holiday, so I think, they will arrive at the end of the week.Two artists were honored by the CULTUREINSIDE Art Award 2011:Myriam Ziade, Luxembourg-Lebanon: Best jury rating for her video Linked for Good and Bad News and her photo series. Beatrix Jourdan: Public Prize with her input “Time to straighten shoulders”. Unfortunately Beatrix was not present, so we will send you the CI Art Award and the gift by mail.The jury’s comment to Myriam’s work: When we conceived of the exhibition, and wrote several statements about how we interpreted the premises of the exhibition, the idea that social media the Internet and Facebook had been at forefront of change had been at the back of our minds. CULTUREINSIDE is a social network, we have seen the changes that can occur when people can freely communicate, across borders, language, discipline, class, ethnicity. Myriam's images and video capture images that are beautiful, that are art and yet reveal the human scale of change in the Middle East. Her works are reminiscent of George de la Tour, a light casts a glow on the faces of views of a laptop. The joy of her subjects is reflected in that light. Her video is reportage, that has been elevated to art. It is instructive for all of us. The award of this year is accompanied by an artwork: a signed limited edition of “The Unseen Tibet” by Zhao Lishan, Bejing.As soon as we get new pictures we continue uploading in the " Inauguration of CHANGES" gallery.
    Moreover all laureates & finalists receive a free one-year-subscription to the PRO services - the CULTUREINSIDE Promotion and sales service.

    par gila - 31/10/2011 08:40:18
  • dear Zdenso, the last artists left today - we are just writing the first blog to inform and will upload the first photos. More photos will come when the photographers send them... this should be during the wek... but it was a great evening - a lot of visiotrs and we think, really a great event. Soon more!

    par yellowcat - 30/10/2011 23:23:06
  • I participate in the Changes exhibition in Luxembourg. Does anybody know if there are some photos from the opening on Friday?

    par zdenso - 30/10/2011 22:49:40
  • It has been a beautiful evening on friday...thanks a lot to CI Team to give us the possibility to express ourselves ...I met beautiful people, great artists and deep souls ...

    par Loliart - 30/10/2011 09:59:09
  • my best wishes to Changes and sincere congratulations to all participants ! Thank you Gila and CI team !

    par igor_vaganov - 25/10/2011 13:38:12
  • congratulation to all the winners and the ci team

    par gcabig - 25/10/2011 12:12:42
  • j'ai hâte de vous rencontré tous! :D

    par Jefta - 27/09/2011 13:50:01
  • Je suis très heureux et surpris de voir mon nom parmis vous! Merci à vous, membres du jury, et à toute l'équipe de CI .
    Alain BouGouiN

    par AlanB - 26/09/2011 23:49:11
  • Félicitation pour les artistes

    par duvivier - 26/09/2011 22:41:33
  • Congratulation to all winners!

    par lapointe_francine - 26/09/2011 21:19:22
  • It will be a great exhibition, congratulations to all winners,
    thank you CI for the excellent work!

    par AdaMart - 25/09/2011 17:06:06
  • congratulations to all of you !!!!!
    and thank you...

    par beatrixjourdan - 25/09/2011 01:44:53
  • many thanks !!

    par Loliart - 24/09/2011 12:47:03
  • many thanks!

    par Loliart - 24/09/2011 12:46:28
  • Congratulations to all of you !!

    par march25anna - 24/09/2011 11:47:04
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Inauguration of CHANGES
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