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Mirza Ajanovic
( United States )

Photographie; Impression




Titre   Sea Storm
Artiste   Mirza Ajanovic
Expressionisme, Réalisme, Symbolisme
Série  TransScapes
Taille originale  16X10

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Sea Storm,
OPUS; TransScapes,
POETIC TransRealism;
Artist Mirza Ajanovic; Fine ART Photography
Fine touch color and B&W Photography, Picture is based on light and darkness counterpoints, with elements of Chiaroscuro. Strong, dramatic expression, while, acutely observed realism brought a new level of emotional intensity, Observation of physical and psychological reality… Art that raises subjective feelings above objective observations, Celebration light and color; pushed to new emotional and psychological depths, Dramatic clashes Strong Expression, Fury of Sea, Mystical Landscape, Mystical Photography, Fury of Nature, Water, Seascape, Ocean, Storm, Mystical Seascape, Neo-romanticism, Symbolism, Mirza Ajanovic Expressive Photography, POETIC Photography,
Limited Edition Prints,



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