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Mirza Ajanovic
( United States )

Photographie; Impression




Titre   Gateway of Hell
Artiste   Mirza Ajanovic
Photographie, Impression
Paysage Urbain, Expressionisme, Figuratif, Réalisme, Symbolisme, Art Urbain
Série  Sarajevo City of Light
Taille originale  40x30 cm

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Sarajevo City of Light;
SARAJEVO WAR 1992; Gateway of Hell,
BOSNIA in Tragic WAR,
POETIC Beauty and Strength of the Human Spirit,
FROM OPUS; Sarajevo City of Light,
ARTIST Mirza Ajanovic Photography,
Picture is based on light and darkness counterpoints, with elements of Chiaroscuro. Strong, dramatic expression, while ... acutely observed realism brought a new level of emotional intensity, Observation of physical and psychological reality… Symbolism, Metaphysics ART, POETIC Photography, Perception beyond Appearance’s, City Life, Street Scenes, City Life and Street Scenes,



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