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Ana de Medeiros
( Germany )

Design; Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture; Photographie; Sculpture


Ana de Medeiros - Elektrische Impressionen - Tschetschenien, Kosovo  Design, Dessin, Technique Mixte, Peinture

In these paintings I tell about the despair of the people who find
themselves amidst a war, on the run, without knowing a safe place to go, not able to find protection for themselves, their children and family.

//Day-to-day and hourly faced with a flood of informations about these wars by means of an electronic medium, the television, I finally merge this - together with telephone sex commercials which repeatedly appear alternating with the news during the nights - to the "electrical impressions" phase...//

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Die Männer, die Kinder und der Krieg

Krieg für das Volk

No Place to Go

Zur Komikfigur degradiert

Der Beginn

Das Monument




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