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Christiane Guilleminot
( France )

Design; Art Digital; Dessin; Peinture; Photographie


  • Les grands arbres is very beautiful too.i love nature.this unique tree is wonderful.

    par safo666 - 30/09/2010 16:45:51
  • your photos are so beautiful.especially "LES jardins de ville1&2&3.they are unique.very nice.and thank you very much for your nice comment.have a great day and thanks again.

    par safo666 - 30/09/2010 16:43:12
  • wow...this is very beautiful.the reflextion of trees and flowers on the water is astonishing.i love the colors .it is a very beautiful photo.

    par safo666 - 30/09/2010 16:35:54
  • very interesting works!

    par supanman - 04/07/2010 22:37:50
  • Que c'est beau!!!

    par Nick_Katkov - 06/05/2010 04:46:58

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