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George Cabig
( Philippines )

Art Digital; Mode; Photographie




Titre   amazon warrior
Artiste   George Cabig
Art Digital, Photographie
Conceptuel, Ethnique, Expressionisme, Impressionisme, Portrait
Série  N/A
Taille originale  16" x 20"

Original / Edition limitée

Prix à apartir de :  750 EUR / 928 USD

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Vues  6868  | Appréciation  4,5 / 5 (    )

Amazons - Real Warrior Women or Ancient Myth?

Stories of beautiful and bloodthirsty female warrior women thundering across arid battlefields have been told, re-told and speculated over for thousands of years and by many cultures. Greek myths are filled with tales of the Amazons and their exploits, love affairs and battles with Olympian gods like Zeus, Ares and Hera. Amazon warriors fought and died in the Trojan war. Homer and Hippocrates speculated over or wrote of these fierce fighting women, as did Greek historian Herodotus.



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