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Seshadri Sreenivasan
( India )

Design; Dessin; Peinture; Sculpture


Seshadri Sreenivasan - Thinking out of the Box  Peinture

The phrase actually comes from Wittgenstein's picture theory- or The limits of my language are the limits of my world. What we know and how we related stuff to each other is bounded as if in a picture frame, a collage of experiences, exposure and so on. So, we just operate within those boundaries. We do make combinations and permutations but if there are finite objects within the frame, there are finite number of combinations even if we have unlimited capacity for processing information. (theoretically it can be infinite but from a practical perspective, it is finite).

So, it is escaping this frame that makes it Thinking outside the box.

BOX" is "MEMORY" from where old ideas, thoughts, concepts arise. While these old things can work as solutions to some or all technological problems, they are woefully inadequate when it comes to solving psychological problems. That is where thinking or perhaps at a profoundly deeper level of consciousness, NON-thinking must happen "OUT OF THE BOX".

The problem of anger, fear, jealousy, hatred cannot be solved IN THE BOX. One has to be totally free of old, stale ideas in order to look at psychological problems

I have tried to depict them through the medium of colours . For example ‘red' for anger etc.

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Thnking Out Of The Box
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  • beautiful

    par gcabig - 31/10/2010 14:21:44
  • Bonjour Seshadri, votre galerie est faite de MAGNIFIQUEs couleurs; J'aime vraiment beaucoup INTIMACY ! Wonderfull colors, I love your painting INTIMACY !

    par Bramly - 16/06/2010 15:11:40
  • j adore

    par collakate - 01/06/2010 03:18:06
  • Bonjour Seshadri Vous avez une tres belle galerie et beaucoup de couleur c'est superbe

    par soltart30 - 28/05/2010 11:37:38
  • Exceptional gallery! Your colors are intense and fabulous! Bravo!

    par Spookart - 11/05/2010 18:32:37
  • Very nice! Excellent works

    par artodocs - 30/04/2010 18:56:15
  • Eat Pray love is extremely nice!!! Wonderful blue form, floating, moving...

    par Eya - 27/04/2010 11:46:03
  • Still life with blue pot is wonderful!!!

    par Eya - 20/04/2010 10:13:23
  • ***Seshadri ***
    I like your painting ''Just Flowers-2''
    very much and have added to my Favourites. **Thank you **
    Sincerely Josefin

    par JJJartstudio - 08/03/2010 12:23:15
  • Hello Seshadri. I like specialy your bear hug, Echo too and a lot of your works.
    Good vibrations.

    par lanhor - 17/02/2010 17:56:54
  • Hello Seshadri. Thank you very much for your kind words and for visiting. I visited your galleries too and i like very much your work. It's full of passion and wonderful colours.
    I wish all the best

    par katrina - 17/02/2010 17:38:14
  • Magic of colors, generosity of the forms, and soul. I like !

    par GChris - 17/02/2010 11:36:57
  • A various and magical word...

    par Granad_A - 17/02/2010 11:12:32

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