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Frank Shifreen
( United States )

Design; Art Digital; Dessin; Installation; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture; Photographie; Impression; Sculpture




Titre   Nude
Artiste   Frank Shifreen

Série  N/A
Taille originale  N/A

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Vues  2879  | Appréciation  5 / 5 (    )

24X36 acrylic


  • very nice painting

    par Rizwan - 28/10/2010 10:15:25
  • Hello Frank, I won't mention the "b" word since I see you don't like it, but I must say that your spirit canoe glides through my feelings and my need for cool thoughts right now.

    par artemis - 17/08/2010 12:02:05
  • Thank you very much, Frank.I like so much your last nude.I hope you are OK.

    par nurhilal - 06/10/2008 09:02:24
  • Great new paintings, Frank. So attracted by the different green colors, you got such a myterious ambiance for me - seeing it I want to take the boat. Gila

    par gila - 01/10/2008 07:29:48
  • Welcome back Frank... It was time to see your new artworks! I Love "Nude"

    par dop911 - 30/09/2008 17:06:39

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