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Rose Assa
( Luxembourg )

Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Photographie




Artiste   Rose Assa
Art Digital, Photographie
Figuratif, Art Populaire, Nature, Surréalisme, Symbolisme, Art Urbain
Série  Urban Legends
Taille originale  100x75 cm

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Vues  8981  | Appréciation  3,0 / 5 (    )

This is the story of a boy who lived alone with his mother.
He loved to play in the woods, not to discover nature, but to hunt little animals and maltreat them.
One day, as he tortured a little lizard to death, the Dark Druid, the Guardian of all animals appeared among the trees and stared at him with piercing red eyes.

The boy ran home in a hurry, looked for his mother in the kitchen.
He heard that she was cleaning outside and felt almost rescued, but something was wrong with his body.
The Dark Druid had put a spell on him. The boy had to live the life of his victim for one day. Within minutes his body mutated into a tiny lizard.

His mother was afraid of every creeping creature and as she came back into the house, she screamed as she saw the little animal in the kitchen, took the broom and hit the lizard until he died.

Till now she's still waiting for her child to return, but the boy was never seen again.



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