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lunagael - other ways to live and breath  Peinture

This gallerie is in construction and it will be for a while
It will be specially dedicated to all suffering women through the world who are abused. some of them just love to much and others search for love but their path crossed with a beast, name i give to "not humans" with too legs.
my path crossed with a beautiful human being which loves me dearly but i must denounce in some way the suffering of many friends of mine which weren't so lucky as i am.
Love brings Hate and Hate brings Loneliness and Despair!
these are the monsters that i have inside my heart and i will take them away from me making everything i can to help the ones i love and were abused in life!

That's why the series is entitled "Love and Hate".

As George Eliot said: "He was like a cock who thought the sun had risen to hear him crow."

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you are feeding on my will

i'm hiding from you in absolut silence

one Devil dead, another one to go?

Black Angels

why try so much to reach?

i am where you are

do you still love me?

I can't see because i refuse to open my eyes...


i love life!

my dreams




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