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( Luxembourg )

Design; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Peinture; Sculpture




Titre   Who's next ? Tyrant or Neighbor ?
Artiste   artworks
Dessin, Peinture
Série  Canada
Taille originale  75 x 100 cm

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Watercolor and collage on archival paper< Large alien creatures dominate the right side of the painting, the interpretation is up to the viewer as to their nature. Friends or foes, a dagger, a sword may provide a clue but the scene appears to be non- threatening. And culture may account for the differences in appearance. What are they doing? Don't ask me? A woman's face hidding behind a curtain may possibly be thinking the same, friend or foe? On the left are three scenes that I recognize. Top left shows a doctor, an African woman with a child looking on. The patient wobbles around her bed looking lost and her feet appear bloody. On the other side of the bed is a medic with a basket of feet, and a childlike patient. Seems reasonable that in the future feet can be replaced just like shoes.
Left center is Peppy's Jack in the Box drive thru restaurant. As a child we ate there several times a week . It was a happy, fun place: it might have changed, a little.
Below is my neighborhood where I grew up, the bowling alley, the bakery, street hockey familar scenes filled with boys and girls who no longer appear as naive or pure as I remember. The pies ressemble Dail watches and signs of depravity and violence leaves me wondering about the nature of events and the neighborhood. Maybe it's just a different place, not like the one that I recall. The ambiance of the past, the peaceful life of my youth is gone The world becomes more violent and the bonds that seemed to exist in the 'hood like community cohesiveness have dissolved. The gap widens between those who have and those who have not. Freedom batlles resound as nations revolt against the injustices that exist between the leaders and the locals. Brothers wage war on each other. Humanity and equality is the gift that must be restored.


  • I love it!

    par prokopi - 28/02/2012 22:23:57

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