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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Peinture; Photographie; Impression




Titre   Put On A Happy Face
Artiste   barbara greene, mann, greene mann
Dessin, Peinture
Conceptuel, Expressionisme, Surréalisme, Art Urbain
Série  A New World
Taille originale  18"x24"

Original / Edition limitée

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Impression Fine Arts

Prix à apartir de :  160 EUR / 198 USD


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My swollen feet, demand I paint them, trip me up as I fall over the dog, and egg me on to my early morning personality, comparable to a vicious dog. This song runs through my brain, irksome as it may be, its hard not to laugh at the lyrics.
"I knew a girl so gloomy, she'd never laugh or sing,
She wouldn't listen to me, now she's a mean old thing.
So spread sunshine all over the place.
Just PUT ON A Happy Face."
Sure, yeah. If only things could be so easy. Well, this might be the approach to take. It’s all an inside job and if it doesn’t work it‘s better than the alternative, if you ask me.

Sometimes I like to clarify the events in a painting to increase the viewer's understanding, like " Cliff's notes.". Certainly this is the observer's choice to decide if this is too much information. If so I would advise the reader to stop here. Beginning in the top left cornor, the subject looking a lot like me, falls out of bed, stumbles over the dog, which may set the mood for the next events or the rest of the day, etc. Clustered to the left of the happy blonde are various types of women that you may chose from to accompany you or identify with. I have also included totems, masks , voo-doo items, an assorted selection, and naturally your interpretation is welcome. You may chose your own viewpoint of the small child: he or she may be a child needing love or protection or the subject's inner child. This is not necessarily a self potrait however I feel it is more polite, not to make the viewer the subject, until or unless they make the identification themselves. This allows the viewer to adjust to changes via a creative realm should they choose to experience and contemplate a deeper sense of these emotions. I could explain further but I don't want to take all the fun out of it. But in any case the viewer may just want to identify with Lady Gaga,who occassionally would opt for slipper design.


  • Hello Barbara, I find your pictures very creative and thought-provoking. They have an aesthetic quality of their own, enhanced by the statements which offer an even better understanding of your point of viewing the world.

    par artemis - 17/08/2011 12:04:33
  • Beautiful pictures!

    par Nick_Katkov - 16/08/2011 10:42:28

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