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Ayesha hayat
( United States )

Technique Mixte; Peinture


Ayesha hayat -   Technique Mixte, Peinture

I am influenced by all that surrounds me-my Pakistani-German heritage, growing up in Pakistan, its vibrant chaotic order, my identity as as a female artist. Traveling and experiencing different cultures was part of my childhood, forming a deep impact on the way I relate to life and people. My recent works are a study of rhythms-of life patterns and human behavior. A recording of our life's journey. Through the use of fine lines or dashes, following one behind the other in an intricate expanse of rhythmic patterns I am trying to express the finer, subtle details of social assimilation often missed in everyday life. Details reflecting our anxieties, our complex natures and our reactions to life experiences that change and mold us. Each painting explores the subtle nuances that resist conformity and try to make sense of our unique lives.


Untitled (Detail)


Side line

Side line (Detail)


Untitled (Detail)

Small cosiderations

Left or Right? (Detail)

Conforming (Detail)



  • Very, very interesting and inspiring work!!

    par artemis - 07/04/2011 14:10:54

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