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CULTUREINSIDE bookstore - The Unseen Tibet   Photographie

free shipping in the EU other countries contact us please for shipping costs. Book Description: Book Condition: New. Title : The unseen Tibet by Zhao Lishan. This edition is the original Chinese Book, in a format of 40 cm x 14.5 cm x 4. 5 cm. The book is signed by the artist (artist seal). Outside covers are individually hand painted, text in English & Chinese. Currently a limited quantity available at CULTUREINSIDE.
Free shipment inside Europe- For shipment to other countries, like US, Canada etc. please contact us. Location of the book: Luxembourg. Tibet has been and is an unreachable dream for most people, but thanks to the book “The Unseen Tibet” by photographer Zhao Lishan the audience enters Tibet and discovers unreachable lands and profound Chinese history and life. Chinese Culture. Photographic Documentation. First Edition 2008.

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Book : The Unseen Tibet
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The Unseen Tibet

Folded accordeon style

The Unseen Tibet : inside 01

The Unseen Tibet : inside 02

The Unseen Tibet : inside 04

The Unseen Tibet : inside 06

The Unseen Tibet : inside 05

The Unseen Tibet : inside 07

The Unseen Tibet : inside 08

The Unseen Tibet : inside 09

The Unseen Tibet : inside 10

The Unseen Tibet : inside 11

The Unseen Tibet : inside 12

The Unseen Tibet : inside 13

Orginal For Sale
Fine Art Print Ready



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