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Marc Montméat is a French photographer, won several prizes and is regularly published in photo magazines. In June 2010 he was lauréat at the European competition State Of Creation and exhibited in Luxembourg with CULTUREINSIDE.

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Le métro

Le mur

Le miroir

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Image NYC2

Image NYC3

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Image NYC6

Image NYC7



  • what a battle to translate , 2 different sites then i lost have in copying. any advice, so poyr certainment reply svp

    par barbaragreenemann - 19/01/2012 20:41:21
  • et comment ? Je suis artiste qui dit mon téléspectateur tous avant de transmet si je ne dois pas le trouver quelques blocs de retour, mais ceci est différent. Vous a fait deuxièmement planifie ce coup, attendez le ligting ou juste la promenade et le prend à côté. Désolé si je suis trop inquisiteur mais je viens d'un angle différent et

    par barbaragreenemann - 19/01/2012 20:39:59
  • Oh I hate it when I lose my writings so here i go again , as mentioned you created much enthusiasm so I had to look and unique. First the wall m interesting because my orientation was thrown off and I couldn't determine what I was seeing is this street or are they going up and are these real people?Ambiquity perks up my interest. so please explain if you, did you use photoshop and how? I'm an artist who tells my viewer all before hand so I don't have to find him a few blocks back, but this is different. Secondly did you plan this shot, wait for the ligting or just walk along and catch it. Sorry if I'm too inquisitive but I come from a different angle and I like to know. Thanks barb

    par barbaragreenemann - 19/01/2012 20:18:32
  • Il faut le reconnaître, Marc est un talent pure:

    par dop911 - 14/05/2011 13:22:17
  • 'Le mur' and
    'Le miroir' are fantastic! Really impressive.

    par Iliana - 08/12/2010 10:52:01
  • Bravo for these wonderful photos!!!!

    par katrina - 05/12/2010 20:17:12
  • La photo "Le miroir" est sublime !

    par GChris - 03/12/2010 10:44:34
  • Sensitive, lyrical view of the indvidual in the urban world. Congratulations are due once more for all of these beautiful photos.

    par artemis - 03/12/2010 00:04:15
  • tout simplement SUPERBE !!

    par zebulon - 02/12/2010 21:06:51
  • Excellent!!

    par lapointe_francine - 02/12/2010 06:09:57

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