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barbara greene, mann, greene mann
( Canada )

Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Peinture; Photographie; Impression


barbara greene, mann, greene mann - political thoughts  Dessin

Lucy and her Mom and Self-flushing Toilets
Self flushing toilets are genuine energy guzzlers, miniature water
Miraculously we add to our own demise.

Lucy and her Mom used to live in the jungle in Africa, somewhere. But when the waterhole dried up, Gladys, Lucy’s Mom decided something had to change. It was so sad Lucy’s Mom had to cry to get a single drop of water for her baby to drink. They moved to Edmonton where Gladys helped Lucy adjust to grey skies, smaller herds and strange surroundings. Gladys moved to somewhere that was cost effective as we were living in recessive times. …
And the cost of sustaining 2 beasts of this size was beyond guzzling.
Several months ago Lucy became the topic of much debate Bob Barker reined in this bandwagon and spread the word that Lucy needed companionship, but I told her to stop being a baby, get a phone card , layer your clothes in cold weather and talk to an imaginary elephant.
I gave her a brief lecture on layering her clothes and painting lots of clouds of grey, as undercoats and then its manganese dioxide.
Just remember, Lucy
I love you, Mom

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LUcy and Wasteful water
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  • Hello Barbara,
    I am very happy that you like my artists call and you are also right this project comes deep from my heard to change something. And everybody can changing the world just a little to the good site!
    I am very proud that you find the way to the project !
    A book about Life - Mailart

    Warm regards!

    par BineWeltbilder - 26/04/2011 16:10:29
  • again brave firefighters? WOW! )
    nice style, love it!

    par igor_vaganov - 14/07/2010 20:05:14

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