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Sabine Schlossmacher
( Germany )

Art Digital; Peinture; Photographie




Titre   Anno 2150
Artiste   Sabine Schlossmacher
Art Digital
Série  Eutopia
Taille originale  50x70

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What we have done wrong????
a dark nightmarish vision, my vision of the future in 150 years,
if governments do nothing, but only give money the power.
The only thing that should count is the nature, animals and human beings all in a symbiosis!
Europe and the hole earth is suffering from overpopulation, air to breathe only with filters,
commodities are at the end. It is chaos on earth, hunger, crime rate is at 90%.
For the dead there is no place, they are in universe disposed of.
Every day containers are sent into space with corpses. Capacity per container
30 000 corpses (mixed races).

Earth is Hell - Heaven is Live. In God we Trust!



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