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Sari Doveh
( Israel )



Sari Doveh - Expulsion from garden of Eden  Photographie

I started my series of The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden after I have seen Masaccio's fresco The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The two figures describe a crucial moment of life that was enchanting for my imagination.
Their movement, the emotions but also an almost flat architecture behind, Masaccio's vanishing point.
I wanted to explore it with my photography, and lighten that moment from my perspective.
I have used long exposure black and white film to create the figures. Than captured a "2nd layer" .
These are my visual "sculptures" of light, a ghostly self-portrait. They reflect my belief that life is fragile (underscored by living in Israel) and we are here to enjoy The Garden that comprises it until we are expelled.

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