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christine petrou
( Greece )

Design; Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Peinture; Photographie


christine petrou - photography nature I and II  Art Digital, Photographie

Nature I contains images shot with a digital camera which are aimed at capturing the natural object as accurately as possible without any digital playing around.Nature II also contains images shot with a digital camera but which have to a certain degree been manipulated in order to create a particular effect.
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amazing blue

looking through

no words
Fine Art Print Ready

land and sky

lead on

lonely sundown

Fine Art Print Ready

water buffalo

buff''s home

ancient stones

olive tree Nature II

on the rise Nature II



  • Ahhh ce ciel c'est MAGIQUE....

    Merci aussi pour votre appreciation.
    Je connais mal ce site pour bien répondre,,,désolé

    par FLSV - 22/04/2011 15:27:13
  • bonjour,
    thank you for your message. I love your work too.

    par DEVINE - 18/04/2011 13:06:00
  • Une belle photo avec un avant de paradis..bravo.

    par WATRIN - 26/01/2011 20:30:50
  • Christine,

    Wonderful, emotional photos!!


    par gkkofas - 11/01/2011 01:25:56
  • THANK YOU CHRISTINE, FOR YOUR COMMENT... I AM CHARMED .... I congratulate you on your talent ! Sincere friendships ...

    par MISSNADIA - 06/01/2011 16:04:16

  • superbe!
    M art'IN

    par MpartpIN - 20/09/2010 10:08:44
  • thanks very much Christine!!!
    Congratulations for you job; you are a real world

    par sosoart - 15/09/2010 14:52:58
  • I like your photographs specialy : ancient stones, lonely sundown, land and sky.
    Good work

    par jelojams - 06/08/2010 22:08:02
  • pelicans is so beautiful....we don't see these birds in my country..

    par lapointe_francine - 10/05/2010 08:27:38
  • Water buffalo. A thruth of life. We cannot exist without respect of animals.

    par GChris - 02/05/2010 16:38:51
  • Thank you very much, Christine, for your kind comment. This has allowed me to know something about your work by visiting your galleries. You have a very interesting portfolio. Congratulations. Also I like your statement. I chose this beautiful picture to send my greeting-comment to you. Hug.

    par Freijanez - 03/03/2010 17:40:43
  • You like blue in photography !

    par Granad_A - 24/02/2010 15:08:53
  • No words : Amazing photo, impressive and magic !

    par GChris - 17/02/2010 19:33:28
  • Christine,some of your pics. are really,really good!!!Bravo!

    par lenamagazi - 13/02/2010 18:52:13

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