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Yehudit Mizrahi
( Netherlands )

Mode; Photographie; Sculpture


Yehudit Mizrahi - Cross Media  Mode, Photographie, Sculpture

At the current point of my development as an artist I seek to encompass the various disciplines, mediums and techniques of which I have gained skills from different institutes, collaborations and life experiences. Being in a constant search to expand my possibilities for intermingling technology, sound and movement into one body of work.

When tracing my work path, I see in perspective various phases of it’s developed. Within this process, departing from working with my own body in the field of dance/movement, towards, the work with objects and machines. This move is a result from my desire to trespass the borders and limitations of the human body. My interest slowly progressed into animating the unanimated using objects such as old furniture and household objects.

Additionally the aspect of sound has always being an important facet of my work. Initially conducting sound schemes and compositions for separate mediums such as theatre and dance as well as for video. Within the medium of installation I currently see the biggest potential for the crystallization of all these ingredients into a unified sensual delicacy.


Chairman #1

Chairman #3

Chairman #2

Chairman #4

Mechanical Singer

Cranky Tone Generator

Philips vs. Screwdriver

Strings & Storage

The Rejection Dress

Smile Jewel

No Title

The MeeTree1

Fico Le Mécanichien



  • Very creative! Cool!

    par Nick_Katkov - 16/09/2011 04:46:21
  • Like your series of "chairmen" and the accordion that is hiding in a closet.

    par mikeQ - 15/09/2011 19:07:43

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