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Gila Paris
( Luxembourg )

Art Digital; Installation; Technique Mixte; Peinture; Photographie; Impression




Titre   Lady Pontiac (READ BELOW ! ! !)
Artiste   Gila Paris
Technique Mixte
Conceptuel, Symbolisme
Série  Souped-Up Pontiac
Taille originale  1,30 m large

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This picture has been created nearly one year ago for a show in the Museum of New Art MONA, Detroit;USA. The show's title is SOUPED-UP PONTIAC! The beautiful lady's hair is made of 100% rusty metal. In combination with the show's title and the rust penetrating the face... all is said ... the car industry is dying.

I think it is interesting that there was last May/June already an artists' show with a title predicting dying car industry one year ago - a long time before this recession explosed... so Art can depict the realities of our society and give them beauty and meaning. Here a citation of Frank Shifreen, curator of the show: "Pontiac is an important symbol of the clash of two worlds. The lost Native American civilization versus automobile consumer culture that was ascendant and now perhaps is in decline. This exhibition chose artists whose work goes deeper than the superficial. Meaning is one of the measures of depth."

In 2008 Pontiac released its new model G8. The exhibition ironically celebrated an automobile with a powerful supercharged engine and a powerful economic engine with the same name. Thinking back at this show, the artist world I entered when participating in the project was for me a discovery and adventure. It became to me an international start. I want more of exhibtition themes to work on, I want more of such exhibtions and to share these experiences with other artists in CULTUREINSIDE.



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