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Edward Kinnally
( United States )

Design; Art Digital; Impression; Sculpture




Titre   Red Planet
Artiste   Edward Kinnally
Art Digital
Abstrait, Conceptuel, Expressionisme, Paysage, Science, Surréalisme
Série  N/A
Taille originale  10" x 7.5" up to 58.7" x 44" without the frame

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Vues  6824  | Appréciation  3,0 / 5 (    )

This surreal artwork is a bit Daliesque in the sense of its unexpected shapes, and the depth of the landscape. The colors, the look of the 'false' sky, and the alien landscape all lend an air of mystery and wonder to this artwork.

The organic curves, gently flowing and turning in an unexpected composition, the muted orange and rust colors of the landscape, and the blues and yellows of the 'enclosed' sky, present themselves in an intriguing and unique interplay of light and color.

The result is an appealing, restful, and mysterious landscape that could only be found in the mind of its artist creator. Please join me and enjoy this view of my mental meanderings.

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