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igor vaganov
( Russia )

Design; Art Digital; Dessin; Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture; Photographie; Impression


  • Congratulations on your approvche

    par christianpertitalot - 11/03/2013 15:12:21
  • Thank You Beatrix! ))) my hearty congratulations to You with beautiful winning!!

    par igor_vaganov - 02/11/2011 18:28:02
  • you are talking about "my vision"... but yours is really spaceless !!!
    congrats Igor !!!

    par beatrixjourdan - 02/11/2011 15:58:06
  • Dearest Gila & CI TEAM, thanks for the good touching and beautiful words! Happy holiday to you and all of us what is happen tomorrow! I'm sorry that I can't help you right now in preparation. But I feel close to you. And I hope that you will feel the same. Sincere congratulations and all my best best wishes! Alleluia! ))

    par igor_vaganov - 27/10/2011 10:51:34
  • Hi, Igor and other laureates who cannot participate at the opening... currently we are sooo busy, always last minute "changes" ... but it is great to curate all your artworks. We will make photos and inform you about the event ! be sure! Then we produce also the book after the event, so we hope that you all feel as if you would have been with us. And another time it will perhaps work out to meet ! CI team & Gila

    par yellowcat - 26/10/2011 22:05:25
  • :-))) thank you from heart to heart dear dear George !! ... heart heart )

    par igor_vaganov - 25/10/2011 13:40:43
  • another great work of art from Igor... clap, clap

    par gcabig - 25/10/2011 12:08:04
  • my videoart for the CHANGES:
    View my video

    par igor_vaganov - 29/08/2011 17:17:51
  • dear Dominique, thank You so much for your opinion - You know how is important to hear from You especially - glad You like my modestly works :-) it give me good day and inspiration !!

    par igor_vaganov - 01/08/2011 09:28:05
  • Fantastic Igor!!

    par dop911 - 31/07/2011 19:50:11
  • Thank You so much dear Mylène!! )

    par igor_vaganov - 26/07/2011 09:11:49

    par zebulon - 26/07/2011 08:09:11

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