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Govinda Sah
( Nepal )

Technique Mixte; Multimédia; Peinture


Govinda Sah - Title- The Delusion  Technique Mixte, Multimédia, Peinture

Delusion is the way we think in our daily life and act with those thoughts. In this I try to present delusion between realty and illusions as our mind creates thousands of thoughts and idea everyday but we lost them or do not take any action on. Delusion is about how we live in the conscious world as unconsciously. For me, from the first act of making the wooden bars for a canvas, to making the three dimensional depth in the centre of the canvas, to cutting and pasting strips of newspaper, to the tiny three dimensional bubbles and cracks in the paint, through all this technical practise I am able to engage with the process and through this I am able to achieve the correct consciousness. During the process of making I think of something I left behind, and then of going toward the future. However my consciousness of my body, of space and time, never allow me to fully leave my present position. Centralizing in my artworks allows for a journey form somewhere to nowhere.


Trap Within-I

Trap Within-II

Dreams and Hopes

Absence of sense

Hope beyond the Bubbles

Hope And Horror-I

Dreams, Hopes, and Truth

Hope And Horror-III

Mysterious Zone

In Between-I



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    par YannSeth - 23/12/2022 13:48:33

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