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Folgers liquid coffee: About the brand  
de   John Collin

There are different brands of coffee being sold in the U.S., of which Folgers liquid coffee has earned a reputation for itself. Folgers Coffee is considered to be a coffee brand that is part of food & beverage division of J. M. Smucker Co. It went on to become the top selling ground coffee since early 1990s in the country. History of the company liquid coffee It was in San Francisco, California that Folgers liquid coffee co. had been established. William H. Bovee had founded Pioneer Steam Coffee & Spice Mills. He had seen an opportunity to create ground and roasted coffee that is ready to be brewed. Prior to that Californians were required to buy green coffee beans, roast as well as grind them thoroughly on their own. Coffee was brought to San Francisco from South America and to help develop the mill, Bovee had hired James A. Folger as carpenter. James after working for about a year at Bovee’s mill had saved money to stake his claim in this company. He then became part of the gold rush and carried along samples of spices and coffee, while taking orders from some of the grocery stores that were on his way. In 1965 as he returned back to San Francisco, he became full partner of this company. It was only in 1872 that he bought out other partners, thereby renaming this company as J. A. Folger & Co. Rise During the 1900s, this company showed significant growth, mainly because of a salesman called Frank P. Atha. It was under his recommendation that Folgers coffee plant was opened and managed in Texas, after which the firm grew exponentially. Under Peter Folger’s leadership during the mid-20th century that this brand went on to become among the principal coffee concerns of North America, considered to be the largest coffee market in the world. But in 1963, Folger’s had been acquired by Procter & Gamble, thus taking this brand to the number one spot. In November 2008, Smucker had purchased Folgers, thus making it a subsidiary. Brands As a matter of fact, Folgers liquid coffee is said to be sold in 11 brands across the United States. • Classic Complements which includes Dark Roast (Gourmet Supreme), Medium Dark Roast (French Roast), Medium Dark Roast (100% Colombian), Light Roast (Breakfast Blend) and Dark Roast (Black Silk). • Classic Roast, which includes half caffeine medium roasts and Classic ‘Red Can’.