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Dora Bereti
( Luxembourg )

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New Exhibition Opening at CultureInside Luxembourg - POWER OF LINES  
de   Dora Bereti

A line is a road, a unit of division. Living in distance.
Line is a unit, a beginning and an end, in the infinite.
A line defines space, that is the first division, coming and going.
Explorer of roads, of meaning and infinite, line is adventure.
Unit of division, a line lives in the distance, road and vehicle.
Artists are not squares, A line is the medium, road of the meaning.
A line in art is, straight like sword in the distance, lines pack in a punch.
Like a traveler, a line is road in the space, divided distance.
Unit of coming, lines bring infinite distance, exploring the road.
The Exhibition will consist of the work of 5 artists: Yukiko Koyasu - Japan - lively graffiti like paintings using traditional Japanese ink and paper. Kwok Hung Lau - China figurative sculptures using line and musical ideas and rhythm. Margot Reding – Schroeder - Luxembourg. Dynamic figure studies using calligraphic signs, line and painterly strokes. Diane von den Steinen - France. Patterns and lines create complex figurative compositions. Nissim Ben Aderet - Israel. The whole work is a single line from start to finish. Each work is the enactment and story of the journey.
This audacious exhibition examines and samples the work of the 5 artists above who predominantly use line in their art. Each one of these artists takes an aspect of the line and illustrates how simple, forceful and interesting such work can be. Of all the strategies available to the visual artist, drawing, painting, enacting, creating a line is one of the most dynamic and provocative acts an artist can do. A line makes a cut into the world, decisively slicing, forging a path into unknown territory. Frank Shifreen, New York City.
Vernissage : Thursday, 10 May at 6.30 pm - 9 pm
Duration of the exhibition: May 10 - June 20, 2012
At Cultureinside.gallery 8 rue Notre-Dame, 2240 Luxemburg, Luxembourg