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What are Roku Error codes?   
de   Carl Dixon

There are many error codes that we come across genuinely in basic software applications and Operating System programmers. These errors found during the compilation of the codes paves the way to develop the error message or the error code, basically, these are the numerical codes that indicate that particular bug and these error codes are identified and categorized according to the programmers' convenience. Some of the frequently appearing Roku Errors codes are 003, 004, 009, 011, 014 and so on. Error code 009 denotes that the network isn’t activated but the streaming device may be activated. The error code 011 is a reminder for software update failure. Similarly, 009 and 014 are network error and 003 is a software error code. For more information about Roku Error codes please log on to our webpage Roku.com/link or call us @ +1-866-991-7870 Toll-free number.