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Sabine Schlossmacher
( Germany )

Art Digital; Peinture; Photographie

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Twilight Photo Art Gallery  
de   Sabine Schlossmacher

Dear Artists and Friends,

I want to tell everyone that a new small gallery was born.
My gallery opening will be on 07.05.2011.

The gallery is located in Duisburg, with approximately 500,000 inhabitants.
In a popular and busy pedestrian zone.
I will open this gallery from Monday to Saturday in the time 
from 10am to 6:30pm, so that many people can visit the gallery every day.

My first guest artist will be:Francine Lapointe, she is known to all of you here on Cultureinside. 
She will exhibit her works during the period from 07.05.2011 to 30.06.2011

I would be delighted if other artists will also find the way into my little gallery. 

Warm regards!
Sabine Schlossmacher

  • Dear Sabine Schlossmacher!

    We thank you for information about your Twilight Photo Art Gallery
    and we also want to say about our LomArt Gallery.
    It is a new contemporary art institution affiliated with Moscow State University. The gallery was named in the honor of Mikhail Lomonosov, the founder of the University, a great scholar, writer and artist. The gallery established its own award under the same title LomArt that is annually given for intellectual achievements in contemporary art.

    LomArt Gallery according the very idea of the University wants looks forward to open international collaboration with colleagues abroad. We feel like getting connected in an international chain with small intellectually oriented galleries for mutual ambitious projects over the world. The aim that we propose is selecting, supporting and promoting new artistic names: every local gallery finds them on its territory, after that we combine them in the General List and exhibit in the chain’s galleries.

    LomArt Gallery is ready to exhibit artists, selected by future partners, in its gallery space in the center of Moscow and also if these artists have success they could be nominated for LomArt Award. We are for talks of the subjects abovementioned both on the Net and meeting you in our office in Moscow State University.

    LomArt Gallery co-curators:

    Sergey Dzikevich, PhD
    Anastasia Danilochkina, PhD

    mailto: danilochkinanastya@yandex.ru

    de anastasiada - 01/05/2011 20:22:41