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Read how simple it is! 


You begin by uploading digital files of your artwork to your CULTUREINSIDE e-space. You can also profit of already uploaded images if you uploaded your pictures before in a high resolution!

We recommend to upload your pictures in high resolution. Our new version allows visitors to view full-resolution previews of your artwork in order to help them make buying decisions. Our technical team integrated an algorithm allowing the user to zoom into your picture to see the finest details of your images while still protecting the original files from theft. So it is in your interest to upload high resolution pictures. Impress your clientèle!


We simply have a base price of the product, you give your mark up. Both together beome the customer price. We don't charge any extra commission.

Each product we offer has a fixed 'base price' which is the amount CULTUREINSIDE keeps for making and shipping the product to your customer. You can then add a 'mark up' on top of this, which is the part of the price you keep when your artwork sells. Add 5%, 10% or 50% - it's your choice, but consider that we speak in this context here of works you sell in an open edition: THE EDITIONS HERE ARE NOT LIMITED ! The works can be sold 10 times, a 100 times, a 1000 times and more, that's how your customer will think when taking his bying decision.


If the base price of a print open edition is 40 .- Euros and you add a mark up of 50%, your customer will pay 60 .- Euros
CULTUREINSIDE will keep the base price of 40.- Euros, and you get the 50% mark up = 20 Euros. You'll then get paid automatically.


 When a customer decides to purchase one of your prints, we take care of finalizing the order:

1. process the customer's credit card via our secure PayPal system
2. print your image on paper or canvas - before printing one of our print experts individually reviews each print-on-demand image that you uploaded in order to verify that the image meets our quality standards. We must ensure that all images are of the highest quality... that they will print well... and that our customers will be happy with their purchases.
3. for canvas prints, if applicable, stretch it on wooden bars
4. protect it with glazing (if applicable)
5. package it and ship it!
6. You'll be paid on the 15th of each month via bank transfer or PayPal for all of the sales during the previous month
7. At no time will you be asked to deal with customer complaints. All you need to do is upload artwork and set your prices and sizes. We will handle the rest.