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I am Emma and I work as an academic helper. I am associated with allessaywritert.com to provide essay help, essay structure and you can also get referencing styles to cite your academic paper.  Read more

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Wracking your brain over essay structures?  
by   Emma Davis

The Ultimate Guide to Structuring Essays Like a Pro Almost all of us have enjoyed a slice of juicy turkey with a side of baked veggies on Thanksgiving. But not many of us paused to consider the amount of effort that goes into cooking that turkey to lip-smacking perfection. The secret to a super turkey on Thanksgiving lies in the preparation, and the same applies to essay structures. The best essay structures are the ones that have been prepared with careful consideration and are always there to give a hand in taking the essay forward. Students usually struggle with writing an essay for they are unsure about where to start. Well, that is simple enough. Begin by preparing the structure of an essay. Read this essay structure guide for an in-depth understanding. You will find a few useful and common essay structure examples to guide you through the process. How to structure an essay: everything you need to know The 5-paragraph essay format The 5-paragraph essay structure is THE most basic structure that even the finest essayists look up to. No matter the kind of essay you need to write, the 5-paragraph structure can form the base of outlining your essay. The trick is to keep adding paragraphs in the body paragraphs while keeping the rest of the essay structure intact. That is how you can turn a 5-paragraph essay structure into any essay outline of your choice. Writing an essay containing five paragraphs is perhaps one of the first writing assignments that we used to get as kids in school. If you know how to stick to a basic five-paragraph essay format, there will be no stopping you from getting the best grades in essays. Here is how you structure a 5-paragraph essay. Introduction: Should include definitions, a brief overview of the topic, and your thesis statement (if any). Body Paragraph 01: Deals with the first argument. Contains one or more topic sentences to highlight the argument in question. Must contain suitable examples, stats or evidence to support the argument. Must end with a sentence that links to the next paragraph. Body Paragraph 02: Same as the first body paragraph, only this time dealing with a different argument. Must end with a sentence that links to the next paragraph. Body Paragraph 03: Same as the first two body paragraphs, dealing with yet another argument. This too must end with a sentence that links to the next paragraph. Conclusion: Should include a brief summary of the arguments, should restate the thesis and should preferably contain a call to action in the end. That’s all there is to the structure of an essay with five paragraphs. Read on to find out how you can use this simple format to customize essay outlines as per your requirements. Argumentative essay structure If you are wondering, “How to structure an argumentative essay?”, we have just the solutions for you. Before you create the structure of an argumentative essay, you need to understand what the essay requires you to do. The intent of the essay is to lay out arguments for a certain topic. You can pick a slant of your choice (or may have to stick to the one your professor assigns you). You need to provide supporting evidence and examples to justify your stance. At the same time, you must also refute the counter-arguments, using examples and supporting evidence. You need to have a suitable argumentative essay structure to do that.  Read More