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Blog Backlinks - How to Improve PageRank With Google For Your Online Business  
by   ChambersGormsen58


Getting Google backlinks to your site is more important for your page rank than your outgoing links. You want high ranking sites to link to your page or site for Google SEO to sit up and take notice.
So how do you get them?
First... let's define "Backlinks" or "Incoming links."
Definition: Direct links to your websites through other sites. This is called Off-page SEO, or links from other websites back to yours to gain popularity with search engines.
Getting backlinks from sites that have high readership or ranking, are the sites you want to link to your site or pages.
Here are a few simple methods of how to get backlinks that are high in quality and will help to improve your page rank.
EzineArticles: EzineArticles get thousands of viewers a day visiting their site. They have extremely high Google page rank.
Write an article and have a link that points back to a page on your blog site. When a reader clicks the anchor text in your signature area, it then becomes a quality link coming from EzineArticles. This strategy is excellent for a new blog.
Squidoo: Build a simple Squidoo Lens and have it link to a page on your blog that contains similar information. Squidoo is an authority site that will help you improve your page rank backlinks.
HubPages: HubPages is much like EzineArticles. The incoming links to your blog will be high quality links. Tip: Use only original content in HubPages. You cannot re-purpose content from other sites or sources.
YouTube: Ahhh! One of my favorites! I have 28 videos that point to pages on a blog that I have in another niche. Videos have served me well in sending me high quality backlinks from other sites who have used one of my videos on their site.
Get busy and produce a video that you can point back to your site. Point an anchor text link in your description box back to your blog. When folks click on it, you will get a superior incoming link from YouTube.

Good luck in your efforts for getting solid page rank backlinks to your blog. Remember to use strategies that will encourage strong Google backlinks. You will find additional Internet marketing secrets by visiting Online Marketing | There you will find marketing and promotional strategies revealed that will super charge your Online Business. "There Are Big Profits In Knowledge."
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