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Google Assassin IS just a Fraud  
by   verinsen81eo

Time Job Killers author Chris McNeeny, kills herself by introducing this ridiculous DJK Assassin and ditches mud to his name!

First of all, the name wasnt also there to attract your attention just to show you an honest report and suggesting Google Assassin ultimately, because I hate it.

To start with, Google Assassin is not even an original solution. Google killer is really a re - start of the internet - bedroom that's already been out for a time. And I dont even think it was his own product. It was officially held by Andrew Fox and its a bit of Andrews CB Affiliate Formula. Its totally not a brand new product and not up-to-date tools either.

Im not against 'Black-hat' marketing provided that its moral and legal. I personally possess Chriss previous upstanding items like Adwords Miracle, Affiliate Project X, and Day Job Killer. All these products included several unique marketing ideas and techniques, and they're certainly worth its cost. Just after reading Day work killer ( DJK ), that I understood that its possible to genuinely make decent money using the mix of the Amazon affiliate program and PPC.

DJK Assassin is good-for-nothing, meaningless, BS - CRAP. And Chris, who was considered a pro marketer after Adwords Miracle, is now a mumbo jumbo scammer! And this is whenever a marketer completely gets enthusiastic about money, what exactly happens.

In his sales letter, Chris demonstrates to you his $169K payday. Now listen to me carefully... H-e hasnt made that much of money by selling related items. This cogent company web site site has assorted ideal aids for the reason for it. He made the amount of money by trying to sell his or her own solution 'Day Job Killer! '

Around the sales letter, it promised to 'car build web sites in 2 minutes .' I didnt find one piece of computer software that automatically made any kind of site or landing site. In addition it said you receive the 'DJK Blueprint Series .'.. I then understand that I have to pay still another $47 a month to obtain the DJK Blueprint series which had been stated about the sales letter, effectively after I paid my $67 a month fee.

Now I would like to reach the main problem. What is this Google Assassin?

Fundamentally, you are getting membership to a site called AffilitesDen. com ( Later I heard that this account site is a section of Andrew Foxs CB Affiliate Formula - but Im unsure ) This site contains some useful information regarding market research and producing PPC plans. In addition it features a interesting instrument named 'Adwords Ad Generator. ' To check on this methods operation, I entered 'Xbox 'inside the area to have an advertising suggestion. I obtained subsequent effect!

Loooking for x-box?

' X-box Exposed '


X-box Scam?


WOW! Thats interesting - you're fully guaranteed to lose everything in PPC discharge if you go with these suggestions;!

Okay, now I would like to talk about other tools. Fundamentally, youll get four Desktop softwares;

The Daddy

Adwords Micro Nicher

The Campaigner

And Article spotter.

Don't use some of these instruments even although you obtain it for free!

Well, it took couple to me of weeks to truly grasp what these resources are likely to accomplish and how they work!

To shorten the length of this review Im providing very short facts for these instruments.

Device 1 - The Daddy Key words Extractor ( or Daddy ):

This software will help you to get highly profitable key words for almost any given niche ( keyword ). It works by finding research volume and variety of advertisers; Furthermore, give you evaluation of successful keywords. With this tool you can also identify most qualified adwords ad for the given keyword - in order that you can copy it!

Generally this methods triggers junk effects. For instance if I search 'bank cards 'I get effect for 'weight loss supplements 'etc!

Tool 2 - Adwords Micro Nicher:

This can be best for adwords information network targeting. This tool can aid you to discover 'content pages 'for any keywords in natural search results, which also includes notable Adsense ads. You pay much less when you target content pages while the compared research net-works. Although this concept seems good, the software has lots of bugs. I do believe manual re-search will provide you with more productive results. If you know anything at all, you will possibly need to check up about intangible.

Tool 3 - Campaign Kidnap Tool ( The Campaigner )

This is the hot instrument of-the year 2007. Currently there is near a dozen instruments linked to 'Competition traveler. ' The Campaign Kidnap permits you to find your competitors ads and keywords for their Google Adwords campaigns. You can even see which ads are running with which keywords. This permits you to both 'swipe 'the campaign with very few changes - or you can use it for competitive intelligence.

The disadvantage with this instrument is clearly, you cant figure out if the strategy is really successful. We dont know if the campaign is running profitably for several days. To check if its a profitable campaign you have to save lots of todays result and check straight back after 2 - 3 days; if its however running you can assume that its profitable.

Software 4 - Article Spotter

The Article Spotter device uses like a backdoor re-search technique other individuals report marketing efforts to help you discover successful keywords to focus on.

Well, I will just find that out by seeking my keyword in Google also. Requires 10 seconds to-do it by hand for FREE. Clicking the guide to is wealthy affiliate legit likely provides lessons you should give to your dad. I havent found any value within this tool... So lets just forget about it.

Thats the story about Google Assassin. I also got an advantage course for marketing and creating HOT information items. Thats a good course... Frank positively knows how to produce BLAZING product and market with hyped sales letter and therefore!

Overall, IMO, its not worth $67 a month. There are plenty of tools that the SAME precise thing free OF CHARGE. Not only that, but I believe its dishonest to promise something to the sales letter, and not produce it... Yet another over hyped rehashed solution. Spyfu. Net is a good FREE device that does over affiliateden alone.

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