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Bodygun Percussion Massager: A More Flexible Device for Healing & Pain Relief  
by   toncap1

There are a lot associated with percussion massagers on the market. Thus, what makes BodyGun diverse?
BodyGun was developed with a personal trainer after she has been diagnosed fibromyalgia and myofascial soreness syndrome. The lady went coming from being a physically active fitness trainer to persistent pain sufferer.

After suffering together with pain for years, She discovered that percussive therapy was obviously a way for the woman's to ultimately get some alleviation. She was able to loosen up the woman's tight muscle tissue and get pain alleviation. However, the prevailing percussion massagers on the market only had several speeds and so they were as well strong on her behalf to use on days when she had a lot of pain.

That's why BodyGun was developed. As opposed to having only some, higher speed configurations, BodyGun has half a dozen speed ranges ranging from 1200-3300rpm. This will make it both lighter and more powerful than competing devices. The low settings are used for relaxing muscle tissue and offering pain relief as well as the higher configurations provide deep tissue penetration to break upwards trigger details and ease muscle fascia. The larger speeds are strong enough for use be professional athletes.

How Does Percussive Therapy Help With Chronic Discomfort?
Fibromyalgia as well as Myofascial pain affliction are persistent pain issues and can trigger tightness as well as pain within the myofascial tissues. These types of tissues surround and keep the muscles throughout the body. This particular pain typically originates areas in the myofascial tissue referred to as trigger points. Myofascial release concentrates on easing the tension and tightness in these result in points.

Percussive massage therapy is a breakthrough treatment for gentle tissue pain. This accelerates the development and fix of cells by providing targeted, rapid, short-duration impulses deep into the tissues of the entire body. This heavily increases blood circulation to the location causing treatment and improved range of motion and performance.
BodyGun deep tissue massager penetrates deep in to muscles to break up as well as loosen these types of trigger factors and to supply pain relief. Using the lower configurations, this can be accomplished without being overwhelming to the user.

Do you know the Benefits Of Percussion Massage?
• Warm up & trigger muscles prior to exercise
• After exercise to speed up muscle recovery
• Breaks down lactic acidity in muscles
• Decreases muscles tenderness & stiffness
• Increases range of motion
• Promotes circulation
• Loosens thickened connective tissue and muscle fascia
• Breaks down adhesions & internal scar tissue, that happen after accidental injuries or surgery
• Elongating muscle fiber, especially when spasms, tightness and limitations are present

BodyGun additionally comes with several different attachments to provide the right type of percussive treatment on different areas of the body. This provides additional versatility to be sure the user provides the desired final result from every massage session.

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