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Adult service Greenacre  
by   prunercase1

Now I’m no longer on the induction spur, I’m allowed to have my own plate, bowl and mug. I can’t wait to be rid of the grey plastic set, even if they won’t allow me to replace the plastic knife, fork and spoon. Mary tells me that the letters of support are still pouring in, and says she’ll send a selection for me to read, plus a list of friends who want to visit me in prison. She confirms that she and William are hoping to visit me on Friday. The service is Holy Communion, and I’m not sure I care for the modern version.
It might be more sensible to greenacre massage the cell doors open for another twenty minutes so that prisoners can scrape the remains of their food into the dustbins at the end of each corridor and then wash their utensils in the sink. And don’t forget that in many prisons there are three inmates to a cell with one lavatory. A aa aaa aaaa aaacn aaah aaai aaas aab aabb aac aacc aace aachen aacom aacs aacsb aad aadvantage aae aaf aafp aag aah aai aaj aal aalborg aalib aaliyah aall aalto aam.. I turn up at the gym and wait for my little special needs group to arrive. It will be the last time I’ll work with them. Without warning, two drug officers appear by the side of the running machine and tell me that my name has come up on the computer for an MDT .

See clause 5.4 for controls relating to the retail floor area of an industrial retail outlet. See clause 5.4 for controls relating to the floor area used for a home industry. Means a building, work, place, relic, tree, object or archaeological site the location and nature of which is described in Schedule 5.
The hotplate seems empty without the massive frame of Dale dominating proceedings. It looks as if Sergio has been promoted to No. 1 in his place, because he now stands next to the duty officer and hands out the dishes according to whether you’re one, two, three or four. Jason joins us on the second circuit and congratulates me on being moved to a single cell. It was sometime later that I began to ponder on how he could run thirteen miles without occupying half the local constabulary to make sure he didn’t escape.
Means a building or place used for the display, sale or hire of motor vehicles, caravans, boats, trailers, agricultural machinery and the like, whether or not accessories are sold or displayed there. Means the commercial cultivation of turf for sale and the removal of turf for that purpose. Means a building or place used for the servicing and parking of trucks, earthmoving machinery and the like. The term is defined to include any excavation, structure or vessel in the nature of a spa pool, flotation tank, tub or the like. Means a building or place used for the treatment and disposal of sewage, whether or not the facility supplies recycled water for use as an alternative water supply.

The window and window sill are caked in thick dirt – not dust, months of accumulated dirt – the lavatory and the wash basin are covered not with dirt, but shit. I need to get out of here as quickly as possible. It is clear that Mr Thompson doesn’t see the dirt and is oblivious to the cell’s filthy condition.
Means any activity that intentionally alters the hydrological regime of any locality by facilitating the removal of surface or ground water. It may include the construction, deepening, extending, opening, installation or laying of any canal, drain or pipe, either on the land or in such a manner as to encourage drainage of adjoining land. A child-minding service that is provided by or in a health services facility, but only if the service is established, registered or licensed as part of the institution operating in the facility.

I almost enjoy how long it takes to put my new home in order. Intermittent, fitful sleep, unaided by a rock-hard pillow, a cellmate who snores and occasionally talks in his sleep; sadly, nothing of literary interest. I lie in bed on my thin mattress, my head resting on a rock-hard pillow, and think about Mary and the boys, aware that they too must be enduring their own private hell. I feel as low as I did during my first night at Belmarsh. I have no idea what time I finally fall asleep. The first officer I meet as I walk into reception is Mr Knowles.
Although Starkey spends the whole hour being fairly critical of the queen, one cannot but admire the lady’s last sentiment before being beheaded. Her short speech was full of grace, with no fault placed at the door of Henry VIII She can’t have been all bad. Quite a lot seems to be happening this weekend. Liana will have news of the Botero paintings on Saturday.
England are 200 for 3 and putting up a spirited fight. During the lunch interval I visit Sergio in his cell. He wastes no words, immediately informing me that he has spoken to his brother in Bogota. He always sounds like a man who has only ten units left on his phonecard.

He then ran up and down the corridor shouting, ‘I locked Jeffrey Archer in, I locked Jeffrey Archer in.’ Luckily, only a few of the prisoners are this moronic, but they still make everyone else’s life unbearable. I spot Dale hanging around in the corridor, obviously wanting to speak to me. I assure him that if it isn’t in the morning post, I’ll chase it up. I go back to my cell and prepare my desk for an evening session. I return to my cell to find an officer standing by the door. Nine prisoners assemble in a waiting room opposite Mr Newport’s office.
On the shelves are copies of the Oxford Shorter Dictionary , the Oxford Book of Quotations and a dozen novels that are clearly not on loan from the library. As the game progresses, he asks me if Rupert Brooke owned the Old Vicarage, or just lived there. I tell him that the great war poet only resided there while working on his fellowship dissertation at King’s College. I skip lunch because I need to start the second draft of today’s script, and in any case, it looks quite inedible. I open a packet of crisps and bite into an apple while I continue writing. Each wing is allowed to send twenty inmates, so after my inability to get on the list at Belmarsh, I make sure that I’m at the starting gate on time.

I am very anxious when William screens one of the documentaries he’s been working on, or James is running the 800 metres, and especially whenever Mary has to give a talk that lay people might expect to understand. She’s first on after the news and handles all of John Humphrys’ questions in that quiet academic way that could only impress an intelligent listener. But I can tell, even after her first reply, just how nervous she is. Once Mary has dealt with the Kurds and Baroness Nicholson, Humphrys moves on to the subject of how I’m getting on in jail.
There is no officer standing by the entrance. It suddenly hits me that I haven’t been searched since the day I arrived. I’m a couple of minutes late, and wonder if I’ve come to the wrong place, as there are only three other prisoners sitting in the pews, along with the chaplain. John Framlington is dressed in a long, black gown and black cape with crimson piping, and welcomes me with literally open arms. The next humiliation I have to endure is prisoners queuing up silently outside my cell door to get a look at me. ’ Just staring and pointing, as if I’m some kind of an animal at the zoo.